Improve your performance with IsoMatch FarmCentre

The IsoMatch FarmCentre application is the first of a series of telematics solutions applicable for all compatible Kverneland machines in combination with an IsoMatch Tellus PRO. 

Whether you wish to control your fleet, manage tasks remotely or analyse machine performance and task data, IsoMatch FarmCentre provides this in an efficient web application, linking implements, tractors, terminals and the cloud in one continuous flow of data and connectivity.

Connectivity is one of the key aspects in today's world. The internet of things is present in everyday objects and agricultural machines are not the exception to this trend. IsoMatch Farmcentre is the platform designed by Kverneland to maintain on-line both implements and control terminals. On this way there are many new possibilities to improve the performance of the implements from the collection of the work data and, consequently, to improve their performance and simplify the work of the users.

Farmcentre is a web program that allows you to track the work of implements in the field from the office of your farm, see the performance of them or send new tasks directly to the control terminal. In addition, the data of completed tasks are sent from the terminal to FarmCentre for further analysis and reporting that facilitates task management and invoicing. All data is hosted on a secure server in the cloud.

Last and not least, the implement alerts are shown also in Farmcentre that allows customers to schedule maintenance tasks of their machines, thus avoiding downtimes at the peak of the campaign.