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Vicon News

Experience our machine and iM FARMING solutions at Agritechnica 2017!

We will present to you our brand new machine and technology innovations at Agritechnica. We are convinced that precision farming will play a key role in the efficient and sustainable agriculture of the future and our aim is to support farmers on this way. We are pleased to present our technology solutions and other impressive innovations at AGRITECHNICA 2017.

Vicon Makes Mowing Smarter by Introducing GEOMOW

GEOMOW utilises the full potential of the Vicon EXTRA 7100T Vario triple mower and makes mowing so much smarter. The all-new Vicon GEOMOW application delivers automatic adjustment of overlap between rear and front mowers and automatic headland lift via section control, adding significant increase in capacity.

New Fanex 904C Tedder with Carrier Frame

The new Fanex 904C is a 9m, 8-rotor carrier frame tedder purpose-built for use with smaller tractors. Due to the carrier frame concept Fanex 904C can be operated with tractors down to 60hp. The wide track width ensures stable running characteristics during road transport.

New Vicon Fanex 1124

Mounted Rotary Tedder with 11.2m Working Width
Vicon Fanex 1124 is a 10 rotor tedder developed for high performance, output and reduced cost of ownership due to its virtually maintenance-free design. The complete machine, except PTO to tractor, is 100% maintenance-free during season, meaning time can be spend on the spreading job instead of daily greasing and maintenance. From heavy duty silage to hay making, the Fanex 1124 is designed to provide an excellent spreading job, significantly speeding up the drying process. Featuring a strong and fully closed headstock, the Fanex 1124 fits perfectly into the operation of professional farmers and contractors, looking for an accurate and versatile rotary tedder.

New Folding Mechanism and Compact Transport Dimensions
The largest in the Fanex range of mounted rotary tedders comes with a new folding mechanism, providing extra stability when folding on uneven terrain. This ensures even weight distribution during the complete folding sequence. Thanks to the new Vicon HexaLink finger clutch system, the Fanex 1124 folds into very compact transport and storage dimensions. Despite its impressive working width of 11.2m, this rotary tedder offers a convenient storage height of only 3.79m and a transport width of only 2.95m.

New Line of Compact and Uncomplicated Twin Rotor Rakes

Vicon reveals its new line of compact twin rotor rakes with the new 6.4m Andex 644, available as trailed and mounted centre swath rakes. Both rakes offer excellent usability, compact dimensions and very easy operation and handling.

Vicon Andex 1505 GEORAKE with Automatic Section Control

GEORAKE is the Way to Precision

With the Vicon GEORAKE solution, an accurate raking job, with well-shaped swaths, has never been easier. Once headland has been done, all you need to do is control the tractor. As GEORAKE automatically lifts each rotor at just the right time, the stress factor of finishing swaths correctly, before turning on headlands, or in odd shaped plots is completely eliminated.

GEORAKE registers already raked ground, so once a rotor enters into such an area, it will automatically lift. Each rotor operates individually and acts as one of four sections. When re-entering unraked area, the rotor will automatically lower at just the right time, to ensure complete raking.

When raking awkwardly shaped fields GEORAKE avoids raking into already prepared swaths, automatically lifting the rotors involved, without any need for counter steering from the driver. Focus can be kept on driving and a perfect raking result. No crop is left behind and no headland swaths are destroyed by interference from the rotors. Raking is always done with absolute precision.

A Rake for the Most Demanding Customer Segment

The Vicon Andex 1505, with its special elbow design, has a hydraulically adjustable working width of 9.80 - 15m, providing outstanding flexibility. Front rotors are fitted with hydraulic ground pressure control for constant adjustment of ground pressure. Four rotors, maintenance-free ProLine gearbox and heavy duty mainframe design further underline its’ potential as a rake for the high end segment.

Additionally Andex 1505 is fully ISOBUS. This means that it will be plug and play with an ISOBUS compatible tractor without the need for a separate terminal.

Vicon FastBale - Non-Stop Round Baler

Vicon FastBale continues to make non-stop baling a reality for an increasing number of forward thinking farmers and contractors. Available in limited numbers throughout Europe during the 2017 season, FastBale has continued to impress users with its cleverly integrated twin bale chambers and innovative wrapping system.

The latest enhancement to the non-stop bale production process is the introduction of a film-on-film applicator option for those looking to take advantage of the improvements in silage quality claimed for this technique. The application of net replacement film on FastBale features a range of modifications to the net system to allow for the differing characteristics of film compared to net. The system is able to handle pre-stretch ratios over a wide range, and roll widths up to 1400mm allowing the use of film from a variety of suppliers.

FastBale bale chamber layout is truly innovative, with two bale chambers arranged in series – a full sized main chamber and a pre-chamber, located directly above the intake rotor, which is about two thirds of the size of the main chamber. This ingenious design results in an extremely compact machine – Despite its non-stop capability, FastBale is one of the most compact baler wrapper combinations available.

Baling starts in the conventional manner with the main chamber producing the first bale. When the bale is fully formed, instead of having to stop to apply the net (or film), FastBale diverts the crop flow to the pre-chamber. This allows the net to be applied to the bale in the main chamber and for the completed bale to be ejected onto the wrapper.

When the pre-chamber is full, the incoming crop flow, together with the pre-compressed crop from the pre-chamber are both then transferred into the main bale chamber. Here the bale is formed to its final size and density. This entire process enables baling to continue uninterrupted – a fact quickly appreciated by operators, while also saving the considerable time spent stood still during binding and bale discharge with a conventional round baler.

Auto Feed Control und Techno-Pack

Smart farming systems for Vicon Variable chamber RV 5000 Series. New innovations for enhanced operator comfort and improved productivity.

Auto Feed Control (AFC)

Vicon has invested heavily into developing new baling solutions, with a particular focus on operator comfort and productivity. The AFC system is an integral part of this continued research.

During normal baler operation in many field conditions, the tractor driver has to weave from left to right during the bale formation process in order to achieve correct bale chamber filling and a consequent good bale shape.

With the patented AFC system these operations become redundant. AFC comprises a hydraulically operated baler drawbar which can steer the baler independently of the tractor, this is operated via a hydraulic valve controlled by the bale chamber filling indicators. During the bale formation phase, chamber filling indicators are interacting with the AFC system and the baler will shift its position to the right or left hand side to ensure an ideal chamber filling pattern.

The AFC reduces stress on the operator, who now only has to focus on keeping an optimum cruising speed, while just driving over the centre of the windrow.
These benefits can result in significantly higher productivity and the production of perfectly shaped, dense bales for optimal wrapping and/or stacking


The new Techno-Pack has been developed to offer professional farmers and contractors the optimum solution in terms of crop harvesting management. The Techno-Pack will be available as an option on all ISOBUS compatible RV5000 series variable chamber models. The system consists of two complementary elements, namely, humidity measurement and bale weight measurement. The Techno-Pack illustrates the further application of technology, providing users with an enhanced level of information in order to manage every aspect of crop production, cost control and accountability.

New Vicon RF 5325 Fixed Chamber Baler

Professional baler for wet silage conditions.

The all new RF5325 high performance Fixed Chamber Baler for professional operators looking for high performance and reliability.

Vicon is further updating their product range by introducing a new high capacity fixed chamber baler aimed directly at professional contractors and farmers. With the successful introduction of the FastBale non-stop baler wrapper Vicon is now extending the baler range suitable for working with heavy silage crops in wetter areas. This new model seeks to use Vicon’s significant experience in baling, in this case utilising technology already developed and extensively tested in FastBale.

The RF5325 can be considered as new from top to bottom, the only exception being the well-respected and efficient PowerBind net application system. The RF5325 incorporates the heavy duty rollers, bearings and driveline components as used on FastBale. The widespread use of double row roller bearings, an integral one piece main input gearbox and split driveline with 1¼ ” chains on all chamber and rotor drives, ensures the RF5325 will be a good choice for professional operators looking for a heavy duty baler.

The RF5325 incorporates an 18 roller bale chamber (increase from 17 rollers in previous models), with two rollers located in the bottom of the bale chamber to give extra support for heavy, wet silage bales. Bale density is taken care of by a new hydraulic density system designed to ensure consistent bale quality in all conditions.

High Speed Pack (HSP) with DuoWrap and OptiSpeed for optimization of wrapping speed.

For many years bale wrapping technology could easily be classified into two distinct categories - traditional turntable wrappers, and higher performance satellite wrappers. Vicon has now upgraded the performance of their BW2100C and BW2600C models with the introduction of twin film dispensers and the addition of a clever new system to optimise turntable rotation speed.

The HSP is a combination of two developments. The first, DuoWrap allows wrapping with two film rolls at the same time. Achieving film overlap of 66%, the time to cover the bale is reduced by one third.  The second development, named OptiSpeed, is electronic control of the wrapper table rotation speed.

DuoWrap twin film pre-stretcher Table with OptiSpeed

Output potential on a wrapper equipped with DuoWrap and OptiSpeed results in these new models having an output comparable with much more expensive twin satellite wrappers, while at the same time reducing stress on the operator, who can safely operate the machine at peak efficiency at all times and in all conditions.

BW2600C Heavy duty trailed wrapper